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Face not showing correctly on actual watch

Ok, I’ve had this idea and have been able to work it out in creator using Opacity and if statments. In creator it all works, however, when I put it on my watch (Ticwatch E3) to see how it looks, it only shows the 12 all the time.

Can someone have a look and advise me where i’ve gone wrong or is it a peculiarity of my watch.

The first thing I see is the opacity tag ($#Db#>11?100:0$) which if your watch is set to 24-hour mode will stay on from 12 until 23:59. For me if I were doing it I would use $#Dh#==12?100:0$ and just use that pattern for all the numbers. That is what I used with MAG 1627. In that one I used a regular number dial and then used covers and large text with opacity expressions to make it look like the active hour doubled in size. Inspection is open if you are interested in looking under the hood.


Thanks for the quick reply, Yes I can see now why that would be an issue.

Thanks for the pointer, I appreciate it.