Face Sort Order & filters in desginer profile

At present face sort order in a designer’s profile (web & android) defaults to most recent.
On Android the user can switch to Alphabetical as well. On the web it seems to be recent only.

Suggestion for Android & web:

  1. Add more sort options, e.g. most popular (synced), price etc. with toggle for ascending/descending

  2. Allow a designer to choose the default sort option for faces in his/her profile, including custom order.

  3. Allow users to apply filters e.g. All, only free, only premium, individual purchase, customization available etc.

Good idea!

If users are allowed to rate faces, that could be a sort criteria too, but that is a different feature request…

Yes, very good idea. Also the ability to look at trends over previous months as well as the last 30 days