Face sync Gear s3 frontier

Hy, iam using the Samsung s3 frontier and the galaxy s8+.
The Problem is, i only able to sync the faces in some short periods. In nearly every try, the sync Button is Red. But the communication between the watch and Phone Workshop.
Even if i try it by the Website, it not working. It says “Sent” but nothing happens.

I’ve had both of these issues. Gear S3 Frontier on S6Active
Sometimes the button is red for me. I hit it anyway. Sometimes it turns blue. If not, I’ll flick my wrist to wake up my watch. and try again. Never takes more than 2 times. When the add pops up don’t hit the back button on the phone, just hit the “X” in the top to kill the add (not sure why, but it seems to help me). When the watch screen times out during transfer, don’t hit one of the buttons, flick your wrist or turn the bezel to wake the screen up. For some reason, keeping the screen on during the transfer has helped.

As far as transfers from the web…make sure everything is on the latest software. Open the Gear app on your phone and check for updates. You should be on 4.2.9 version of Facer on the watch. Check out this thread:

Also, periodically reboot the phone, the watch, and use a stock watch face (switch away from Facer and then come back). Those things help me often.

Thank you, for the Moment it works that way. Lets see how long.
The other Problem is, my Tempreture isnt shown, it only says “…,…”.

The App is allowed to use the location determination.

For me it seems like trhe App is having Problems to cumunicate to the Phone?