Face Updates - Lagging

I am enjoying creating my own watch faces. However, I seem to be having a small issue when working out bugs with my watch. I spend a lot of time on the creator page and will periodically save and sync the face I’m working on to my watch to test. Lately, I’ve noticed that if I do this multiple times to see if an element I’m working on is updated the watch will not sync with the latest save. I just created this face:

After finishing up the design and publishing, I tried re-syncing the final design. When I do so, I only see the design from several ‘saves’ back. I tried deleting the face from the app to reload, but this doesn’t seem to help. Is there just a severe lag between saves and when the server updates? If I try syncing again in an hour will it be the latest version?

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Yep seems like lag. Just synced again and got the latest face. Maybe a 5-10 minute lag overall.

The application caches faces to speed navigation a bit, but the case where you are designing the face is definitely one where you’d need to see every single change immediately on the watch. We’ll look into that and make sure it’s fixed.