Face weight tool

Face weight tool
Some tool to know the weight in Mb of our faces once builded in draft, to try minimize size.

This would be very helpful.

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Curious to hear why you guys want this feature - do you feel like the size of the face has an impact on the user experience? If yes, what’s the impact?

Facer is currently the heaviest app I have on my smartwatch (78mb), double that of Wear Os and only surpassed by Google Play Services. I guess that is because the app saves the last 10 faces synced (20 for premiums). This means a more than considerable percentage in the available memory of smartwatchs today.
On top of that, based on my experience as a user and designer, the simpler faces load faster and work better.
Faces that have many elements (especially sequences of images) take longer to sync and sometimes fail completely to do so (please read the comments of my CFW Weather Animated).
I can not assure that the main responsible of this problem is the total weight of the face and not the particular operation of some elements, but certain tools would be good to help us control the total size of the face …Thanks

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@carlosfilippa great idea and would be most helpful

@carlosfilippa thanks for the feedback! We’re going to run some tests based on your experience to see if we can improve both the storage requirements of Facer and the loading process on heavy watch faces. We want to avoid you guys having to deal with technical details like watch face size as much as possible so you can let your creativity run free instead!


It would be interesting to see how the file size impacts sync time. Some of my animated or complicated faces can take 30 sec - 2 min to load. Sometimes they time out and require multiple sync commands.

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Mine too, or fail at all…

@eradicator09 @carlosfilippa: can you share the link to the watch face that fails to load or is too slow to load, as well as the watch model you are testing on?

Flightschool - A201
Samsung Gear S3

CFW Weather Animated, lot of sync issues on Tizen (due the comments). On my Fossil Q Explorist takes 2-3min and a few tryies…