Face works in Creator, not on Watch - Expression help?

Not sure if I’ve got my logic expressions right but the face works in the Creator tool, then fails on the watch.

I have a few images which appear/disappear (opacity 100/0) as the time changes

Image 1


Image 2


I originally had the images as text but because the apostrophe was not in the character set, I made an image of the text and used that. They worked fine when I used the logic in the text element though.

Not sure how you share the watch in the post but it’s Major Typo

Thanks if you can help!

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Where’s the zero for no opacity?


You got nested conditions there. I have issues on my ticwatch with such things…

You could perhaps use one of the conditions in the X-position and just move it off the screen.


Damn it - I think that might be it! As I say, I copied the expression from a text element and after the : was blank to switch off the text. It seems to have cured it with 100:0. Bit weird that it works in the editor though.

Thanks for your reply!


I have an TW E3 but I think MMoore might have provided the solution. That was a thought tbh, just -Xing it somewhere off screen.



X it off screen :sweat_smile: Sounds so funny, but yes, the Xing trick has been utilised many times, very versatile :smile: