Faceless Watch Design Help

I am currently working on a watch face based on the ‘faceless’ watches (below)

I have used a picture of my wrist as the ‘backdrop’ but it looks a bit creepy.

I have considered putting a realistic looking spider or cyborg parts as the backdrop but would appreciate some input/ideas for images to use as the ‘backdrop’

When I read cyborg, I instantly recall the scene from terminator movie, where the cyborg repairs his forearm. But that would look even more creepy and somewhat morbid on a watch.

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I would cut the center circle out completely first, then decide what to do.
As I love animations, I’d consider adding working watch parts, or maybe some kind of animated circuit like this -

But that’s just me, we all have different thoughts/preferences, and it’s your design at the end of the day yaskinforrit

or something like this

or endless energy core :slight_smile: obrázok


I’ve got that Energy Core and have used it a few times already, it’s pretty cool

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I like it too energy core !!.. very nice!!! :100:

Or sauron’s burning eye obrázok

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Many thanks for the contributions.

I have created a watch with the energy core

I will work on creating watch faces with the other suggestions when I finish work tonight.

Again, many thanks for the contributions


Good morning !!! yaskinforrit
Very nice !!! cool !!!
Cordially JDCardozo

That gives me an idea for a sequence element I’ve been trying to figure out how to use in a watch face.