Facer 2.1.1 released

Hi all!

Exciting news, we just released Facer 2.1.1 today! You should receive the update via Google Play in the next couple of hours. Here is the changelog:

  • Added support for Casio and Fossil Q watches
  • Featured sections are now scrollable for more content on the frontage
  • Optimized featured section loading for faster access
  • Integrated with Google Fit for more accurate step counter readings
  • Added support for random based watchfaces
  • Fixed issues with complex conditionals
  • Fixes to OpenWeather integration and better location support
  • Fixed heart action not present on deep-linked watchfaces
  • Fixed crash at startup if app doesn’t have connectivity
  • Improved integration with facerepo and other external sources of Facer watchfaces
  • Misc. bug fixes and optimizations