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Facer 3.0.0 is now available!

Hi all!

We’re very excited to be announcing the release of Facer 3.0.0 today. This is a major update to the Facer platform which includes the following changes:

  • Support for Tizen based devices and the Samsung Gear S2 and S3
  • Support for all the latest Android Wear devices
  • Introducing Color Match: snap a picture of your outfit and match your watch face to it!
  • Improved onboarding and watch selection
  • Improved watch face syncing process and error detection
  • New macOS client for Facer Creator. Download it at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id1172517992?mt=12
  • UI improvements to Facer Creator at www.facer.io/creator
  • Improved homepage at www.facer.io
  • New official collections: Essentials, Engineering Wonders, 10k sync club, Themeables, and more

For more details, go to our official announcement at https://medium.com/little-labs/introducing-facer-3-0-ccfaf34a1103#.egvnyip6d

I have a Note 5 and Gear S2. I am unable to sync any of the watch faces. It starts to sync and the watch reflects that it is but always goes back to the Facer start screen with the time and at the bottom “Sync your first watch face”.

hi @Maf113! Sorry to hear you’re having issues with your Gear S2 :frowning: Are you using an LTE model? Can you also provide the name of a watch face with which this issue always happens? We’ll have our team look into it.

Where exactly can I get the 3.o version? I am running an iPhone 7, and the app still shows 1.1.2. I’ve tried re downloading them, but can’t see to get it to work. In the tutorial, the first thing it shows to do is to open the apple watch app and sync to the Facer Album. But when I open the Apple Watch app, it makes me try to register my iWatch.

Does the new Mac OS client support designing Android Wear watch faces for pairing Android Wear with iPhone? This is the only thing keeping me from using Facer.

Hi @mothy5000! There are limitations at the OS level that prevent us from supporting Android Wear watches connected to iPhones today, but we’re hopeful this is going to change soon. Android Wear 2.0 is likely going to be a step in that direction early next year.

Awesome to see support for Tizen watches, I just switched from Android Wear about a week ago. The biggest issue I’m running into so far is that the watchface will not go into dim mode when the watch does, causing limited visibility for certain faces and also animations to keep going and draining the battery. I’m using the Gear S3 Frontier with a Pixel XL. I was going to submit a bug report via the app, but the populated system info in the email has my watch listed as the Polar m600, even though I have Gear S3 selected in settings.

Hey @danesusername!

On the Gear S3, if the watch is set with Always-On, our watch faces should still be fully visible but slightly darkened. If you are not seeing this behavior, let us know, and we’ll investigate it as a bug.

Regarding the battery drain, we are aware of some of these reports and working on optimizations that should alleviate this very soon.


PS: the issue where the Polar m600 is reported instead of the Gear S3 is also know, and will be fixed shortly. Thanks for your report!

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Ah, I was expecting to see the dim mode programmed into each face. Will it be possible to implement this in the future? Alternatively you could add an option to allow controlling how dark the screen goes. As it stands, I’m reluctant to use Facer because the majority of watch faces are just too dark in Dim mode to be legible.

I see that Watchmaker has fixed this issue on Android Wear 2.0. Will Facer support AW2.0 on iPhone soon?