Facer 3.1.1 crashes on Android 7.0

Android pushed an update the other day and Facer hasn’t worked since rollout. When clicking on the application Icon to launch it crashes just before loading. I attempted to resolve by rebooting my Edge S7 and also checking for an update to Facer. Same results. Also it will not sync watch faces including if I try to sync from the web page on my PC.

Software Version

Hardware Version

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Fixed - Uninstalled and reinstalled Facer which prompted me to update the companion app for Gear.

Great! We just did a few tests on Android 7.0 and couldn’t find any obvious issue. Glad to hear the problem seems solved for you as well. Cheers!

Hi, I had this problem too, but now when I select Facer from my Gear S3 it shows the watch face that I select, then it keeps starting Facer and keeps saying “Optimizing Watch Face” and “Placing Gears”. It does this several times and then the app closes and another watch face appears, not from Facer.
I thought that I needed to upgrade/purchase the Facer App to Pro, which I did, but still it keeps doing it and now I cannot use Facer on my watch as it keeps closing.
Yes I resetted the watch from scratch and even uninstalled and installed from new the Facer App on my mobile - Samsung Galaxy Note 8.
Please please help as I really love Facer.