Facer 3.1.2 released in BETA!

Hi all!

We’re excited to release Facer 3.1.2 in BETA today! Please let us know if you’re running into any issues! Changelog below:

New in Facer 3.1.2 BETA:

  • New watches: Fossil Q Marshal
  • Delete feature in face picker is back (long press on the face you want to delete to trigger it)
  • Complications now launch their associated app on touch, if configured.
  • Bug fixes and optimizations

Good to hear that deleting is back!

BTW.: how do I install it?
On Google Play I can only see last full version (3.1.1).

Also 2 things:

  1. Any ETA on themeable faces for normal creators?
  2. Any luck with a list of the community wanted tags/expressions?

I am the same I cannot install it.

Please supply a method to become a beta tester. Not really fair to announce a new beta version without the means to install it!

How to download and instal please?

Hi all!

Apologies for the lack of details on how to join the beta program! Here’s an article outlining the steps to do it: http://gadgets.ndtv.com/apps/news/google-play-store-update-makes-it-easier-to-sign-up-for-app-betas-838153

@Mellin, regarding your two other questions: working on both of these! Can’t really share an ETA yet, but doing our best to get this stuff out for you guys ASAP.

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Thanks for that but let my quote a part of that article:

“Google had introduced improved beta testing tools for app developers last year that enabled users to sign up for beta testing - after being guided to the relevant Google Play page via link from the developer.”

Can we ask for that link?

If that’s not it, this might be the problem:

“Users may still be required to join the relevant Google+ community before signing up, but it’s up to the developer to make this mandatory.”

Can you give us a link to that Google+ community, if it exists?

Hi @Mellin!

None of these links should be necessary - you should be able to enroll into the beta program by just going to the Facer page on Google Play on your Android phone and see the following option:

Once you’ve indicated that you’re in, it may take about an hour for you to be fully enrolled and started seeing the beta version of the app.


Oh, it’s under everything else…

Now I see it.
I never go below suggested apps list, so that was my problem.

Ok, prepare for feedback.

We’ll share that feedback with Google :wink: I agree that it’s pretty hidden!

Done, thank you all for all explanations :smile:

Is there an official channel for feedback?
Shall we message @Facer_Official or is there a dedicated user?

Last but not least, I’ve got a SW background, I know far too well “feedbacks” are never in the format you want nor in having the level of info you need… So if there is a defect lifecycle tool we can use or a list of info you must get, just let me (us, sorry guys :slight_smile: ) know.


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There is a problem with the app. I can’t register or log in

A few issues with the beta facer watchface on Huawei Watch 1. One a watchface has been deleted the notification will remain for up to a minute, even after exiting the screen. Also stating that only 10 watchfaces are synced is very misleading. Once I started deleting the new 10 I had installed the previously synced ones appeared. Which means they are still on my watch but for some bizarre reason facer has decided I am only able to select from the first 10. Leaving the other 20 unusable unless I have access to my phone. I think we should be able to decide how many watchfaces we want to sync please.
Thank you

Hi there, I looked in the early release sector on the Playstore, but couldn’t find this Beta version. I have the Fossil Q Marshal so I am very interested. Thank you.

Where did you download? I looked in the early release sector, but can’t see it there. Thanks in advance.

Go to main Google Play site for Facer and scroll down to the very end.

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Because there was no info on where to put our feedback here are things I noticed:

1)When I delete most of my 10 watchfaces stored on my smartwatch: when I get past about 5, sign “Watchface Deleted” stays on the screen and I cannot delete more faces. I am forced to restart my watch, then delete next one, restart it again and so on and so on, untile I get rid of all but the last one last.

2)I cannot delete default watchface (the blue/white one with facer logo on in). I load a different one, and long press on this one and that bin icon is not red as usual, instead it’s grey. Because of that, I have 2 watchfaces now: The one I use and that default one.

3)The mobile app doesn’t have a widescreen mode (only portrait mode).

4)When I send a new watchface to my smartwatch via the internet website, sometimes it opens up the 3-tap menu and not the actual face view. The face is loaded onto the device so this part is ok, the problem is what opens up when I load a new one.

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Is the dim mode working on samsung s3?

I have some complaints about the DIM mode for S2 and S3 :confused: