Facer 3.1.4 for Gear S2/S3 released - Introducing Your Daily Mix

@sergioquan - yes, we’ve received reports that the app was currently not available in some countries. We’re working with Samsung to get this resolved ASAP - it should be available again very shortly. Thanks for your patience!

Any resolve? It’s now December and I still can’t get the companion app.

Well here in 26/08/2020 ITS STILL A BUG! that drives me up the wall. Stop with this crap now please!!

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It’s October 2021 and I get the pop up every day. I paid for faces and I paid for the ad free version. How do I get rid of the pop up?!? I’m using a brand new Galaxy Watch 4. I’m never going to use the Daily Mix so can I just take it off? Honestly this really makes me want to just delete the app but I PAID, for ad free so I feel like I deserve to get what I paid for.