Facer 3.1.4 with Gear S3, Xperia Z3 & TabS2

Everything is running their latest firmware:
Facer (3.1.4)
Gear S3 (Tizen
Xperia Z3 (Android 6.0.1)
TabS2 (Android 7.0)

App opens okay on both phone and tablet.

Phone: As soon as I cluck on a watch face, app stops working. After numerous crashes, app ‘works’ and I can upload a watch fav ed to my Gear S3. Then it crashes again?? I can save to favourites when app is working but same thing happens when I open app ie click on a favourite and app crashes.

Tablet: App does not connect to Gear S2 at all! Again, app stops when I click on a watch face.

Any ideas or help, please…

UPDATE: I’ve worked out why Facer does not work with my tablet … the Samsung Gear app is not compatible with my tablet! Go figure, a Samsung app does not like a Samsung tablet! Grrr!

So, regarding my TabS2, the issue is with Samsung and not Facer.

I still have the issue with my Xperia Z3 and Facer with my Gear S3 :frowning: