Facer and Battery

Sorry about my noob question.

I have a GSW-H1000 and to use Facer choosed “Protrek” model… no problem, it works.
Does Facer, without AOD in use, consumes more battery in this model or is this irrelevant ?

Using AOD I´ve noticed the “Gesture” “Tilt-to-Wake” get “on” even if in the options it´s disable.

Again, sorry about the English and the noob doubt.


A face will likely use more battery power if it has more data references such as health, weather, location, compass and how detailed and brightness its dial is.
Some data elements will require more frequent updates such as compass, heart rate, step count. I dont know what the update frequency is in facer, but you get the idea. A facer watch face with a black dial and digital time only will use less power than a bright dial with hands etc.


For now I´m using “timepiece 2 layer face” with no AOD actived.
When press a button, i gives me this one, with seconds (and no battery level number)

Amazing WF, I loved it. Casio says it can´t be done in WearOS oficial app ´cause autoral rights, even all models uses this one are “GSquad”, like GSW-H1000

Screenshot 2024-04-12 at 14-06-21 JC73UK - DIGITAL RUGGED H1000Z PRO - watch face for Apple Watch Samsung Gear S3 Huawei Watch and more - Facer

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Thats great. Glad you are enjoying the face. Thats a premium face i published so can be designed with interactive features. I often update faces based on feedback, so all good and bad is welcomed. At the moment i am enjoying wearing the Rugged Sport LCD Zoom Color+ where you can set the colors as you please.

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I didn’t notice any significant difference in power consumption between Facer and Goggle Play watchfaces. I don’t think Facer burns more battery.


For me it very much depends on the FACES running . If I want ECO I only run one Facer Face and one Google Face . If I run A Google face for the whole day it is 1% per hour less . I am most often Syncing Faces so that uses more power . Facer have been steadily reducing the Drain . I am getting about 3%ph at the moment . If I take Facer off my watch . I get arround 2%ph . Small price to pay for the level of Interactive I have on my watch . Google faces do not provide as many On the Face data options that Facer do .
For refrence before Facer started working on the Power drain it was 4%ph . They have worked hard over the last 6 months . And my watch is getting older . ( GW4 Classic )