Facer and galaxy store

I found great faces on facer, but before installing the companion app for my galaxy watch, I need to know if facer and galaxy store work both or if I would loose all my galaxy faces when I start using facer.

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All of your faces will still be available in the Galaxy Wearable App. Facer is added to the list of “faces” that you can select in the App. If you select the Facer “face” then you have access to all your Facer faces via the Facer App. But equally, you can select any of your other non-Facer faces that are shown in the Galaxy Wearable App.

Now, just in case, if you are not running the Galaxy Wearable App on your phone then please ignore the above and my answer to your question would become “sorry, I don’t know” :slight_smile:

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Hi Michael. That was fast and very positive for me. Thanks for your quick reply!

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And I’d like to know if I can change my profile name in the facer app.

Mmm, that I don’t know. You might need to send a request to Support to change that.