Facer and health info - is there any hope?

Hi guys,

does anyone knows if there is any hope to access Google Fit (or Samsung Health) data in the future?

Sure, we can add sunrise and sunset, we can add moon phases, but let’s be honest: how many people care about it?

What we need is access to health and workout data, to calories and heart rate. Nobody’s buying top quality watch to see moon phases, people are buying watches to track their health.

Can you imagine all the fantastic stuff we could do with the important data?

Now, there is a little app named Health Sync. It connects health data from Samsung Health to Google Fit and vice versa.
What it means is that Health Sync has access to both: Samsung Health and Google Fit.

Now, my question is: can Facer do the same? Can we get access to health info? It would be so great if it can be done. It would be groundbreaking.
Maybe Facer could connect to Health Sync app, to share data?

Any thoughts? Any hope?

I’m not a creator, just a consumer, but every face I use from Facer has the health data of which you’re speaking, and it matches up with what Samsung Health shows… so I don’t understand your concern.
The calories burned matches, heart rate matches, steps and distance match… they all match SHealth.


Not possible…

There are no tags to follow calories, workouts, calories per workout, calories per day, heartbeat min or max, heartbeats per workout, sleep, body composition, distance… except for heart rate (which doesn’t work on watch 4, don’t know about other watches but there is a tag for that).
Only the step count is correct and everything else can be calculated from steps but it doesn’t match Samsung Health or Google Fit.

What kind of watch are you using?
Can you please post a link to the watchface you are using? Just in case that I’m wrong?

He may very well be calculating it, to be honest, I don’t know.

I have several faces by Marco69h, and all of the ones I like from his work display calories burned.

From what you said, I’m guessing that he does in fact calculate it.

As I said in my previous reply, I’m a consumer, not a creator, all I know is the watch faces I collect all have calories burned displayed.

Several designs, from many creators display it… maybe everyone just calculates it?


Screenshot_20211207-125448_Samsung Health

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@louandmaura & @masterboyhr
When I make a face that has distance or calories, I use the expressions created by TOMAJA: [TOMAJA Mini Tutorial] How to Convert Steps into Miles, Kilometres, Calories & Sport Time.

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Outside of Heart Rate & Steps, everything else is calculated by the designer. Calories and distance is actually calculated by steps. This being said it is not calculating total calories burned by just sitting there and existing nor is it calculating the difference of calories burned based upon the actual activity.

Currently there are no methods of doing this using Facer.

Do remember that Facer is working with a great many types of watches. This being said, not all watches have the same features, so they have to build the Facer Creator to work with the common features to cover almost all the various models they support.

Also with the mention of Samsung Health. Different watches are using different models of phones and a lot of different health applications between them. There are too many to work with to be able to get and keep up with all the API structures of each application. Trying to do this would greatly hinder progress of the Facer Designer application. And remember, not all health applications have API’s to tie into 3rd party applications.

I hope this was helpful.

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Thank you.

As mentioned, all that I know of it is that it’s displayed, and is pretty much in line with the calories burned.

Though I do know it’s not total calories burned, just “active” calories burned.

SHealth shows both, total burned and active burned, active burned being what the watch faces show.

Frankly, that’s about all I know about it, lol.

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Yep, that’s why I think it would be great to be able to connect to Google Fit.

I understand that it’s hardly possible to connect to all types of watches with different sensors.
The idea is to connect to Goggle Fit and let Google worry about connecting to watch sensors.

We would just use the collected data.

Facer has to directly interface with the sensors. This way you can get the information in real time on your watch face itself.

Example, while going for a run you would like to know your heart rate in real time. You can’t work through a phone app to get real time data. And if you did, there would be so much back and forth communication it would kill your battery on your watch in no time.


Interesting, thank you.

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You are very welcome.

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Well done all you people who’ve helped here…respect to you all.
I bought my Samsung Watch simply to have a cool looking Watch that tells me the Time, Date, and Battery Percentage, as well as being able to add some cool customisations. Any Health Info that I “might” want is quickly and easily accessed on the Watch by just a tap or two :grin:

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As evidenced by my phone home screen, I’m not interested in a “tap or two,” lol.

I want everything that I regularly use, or want to see, up front and center. :rofl:

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Yes, I’d say so! :laughing:

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That’s why so many of the faces in my watch box are by @marco69h because he regularly puts everything, including the kitchen sink, on many of his designs, lol.