Facer and Trafford Watches goes mechanical!

Hi friends!
Just wanted to share a little bit of exciting news:

Trafford Watches is starting our journey into the mechanical watch world. As anybody that knows me can attest, I am a mechanical watch guy at heart. Over the last few years, I’ve devoted myself to the watch design world. On the design side, this has mostly applied to digital watch faces on the Facer platform. It has been awesome, and I am so grateful that this platform even exists. I would not be doing what I’m doing now if it weren’t for Ariel and the rest of the gang at Facer. It has always been a lifelong goal, however, to own my own mechanical watch brand, and while I’ve been designing digital watch faces, I’ve been immersing myself into the world of micro brand watches, speaking to owners and learning so much.

I’m excited to say that it is finally happening! I have my first model ready to go, and the prototypes are currently being built. I am hoping to launch on Kickstarter early next year, probably March 1.

What does this mean for Trafford Watches? Well a couple of things:

1.) The introduction of Trafford Watch Co. This is the parent company and it’s main output is mechanical watches. The idea of TWC is to have a huge focus on storytelling. Instead of just pushing out designs that we like, every model will be based on and designed around a specific, and not well known historical story. The first one is around 3 famous racecar drivers in the 1920s who went on to become British spies, fighting the Nazis in France.

2.) Trafford Watches on Facer is not going away! Just getting a little bit of a brand refresh and a change in purpose. We are now called Trafford Labs, and the main purpose is to exist as a place to test new designs and create a way for fans of Trafford Watch Co. to have a say in how a mechanical watch ends up. What is pretty cool is that the first model we are releasing was born on Facer! It has been tweaked and updated, but I love that it started here.

I hope that you will join us on this journey. If you’d like, you can follow the mechanical watch instagram at https://www.instagram.com/traffordwatchco/ or you can go to our website and sign up for the email updates. https://www.traffordwatchco.com/.

Here’s a sneak peek at the upcoming release:

Thanks everybody!

  • Nathan

Hell yeah! This is gonna be awesome, congrats and good luck!

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Congratulations Nathan - a wonderful design, I can’t wait to see the final product in your always great promotional images!

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That’s awesome @nathantrafford
Living the dream :wink:

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Sign me up. Maybe it’ll rub off on me a little. Always loved watches and your watches will be great.
Good Luck and hopefully be able to help out with the kickstart in March :grinning :nerd_face:

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thank you for the kind words! Fingers crossed this will all be successful and then i will be more than happy to help out others who are interested in doing the same thing.

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I started a Micro brand as well . I’m makes 4 bespoked watches for Xmas this year. Hope it goes great for you

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Thanks! I’d love to see your mechanical watches if you’d like to share!