Facer Android 3.1.12 released!

Hi all,

We’re excited to be releasing Facer Android 3.1.12 today!

What’s new:

  • NEW! Follow designers directly from the watch face view
  • NEW! Snap a pic of your favorite watch faces and attach it to your review! Can’t wait to see your styles!
  • Misc. bug fixes and optimizations

As usual, please let us know if you are finding any issue in this thread and we’ll do our best to resolve them for our next release!

The Facer Crew

Follow designers directly from your favorite watch faces

Attach pictures to your reviews

Check out other people’s styles!

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I’ve noticed that a bug with match operators showed up with this update.
Details: Bug after last update

Thanks for the report! This bug has been fixed for the production release

With the new update, my Moto 360 is no longer able to read Facer :-(. How do I revert back to the old version?

I have not updated to the latest version of Facer yet. Why does Facer need access to my Device ID and Call Information?