Facer Android 3.1.3 released!

Hi all!

We’re continuing the release party today with Facer Android 3.1.3 now available in Google Play!

What’s new?

  • New “Favorites” and “Purchased” tabs in your watchbox. All your premium faces will now show up in a single spot, and hearting a watch will add them into your “Favorites”
  • Fixed sorting in your watchbox with new “Recently used” filter to show your recently added or synced faces at the top
  • Added recent search history to search box
  • Tons of crash fixes! Facer should now be much more stable on your phone. Thanks for your patience!
  • Misc. fixes and optimizations

And descriptions no longer cover buttons on creator site!

Thank you so much for that.

However, there is a new problem with them:
When I click on “more” button on a face, that have another face under it - lower part of a menu that appears is behind lower face’s title - it cannot be used.

That mostly affect the “delete” function, but sometimes “duplicate” is also not available.

Thanks for your patience! Today was a big release day!

Were there any new tags/functions added this time?

Yeah! thanks, facer. Now is working super on my gear s2. The list of faces installed on the watch is very helpful. Well done!

For me problem does not solved. The only thing is that on my watchbox i founded my old watchfaces. That’s OK. But now i can’t add new watchfaces. In fact when i load new watchface from facerepo via QR code, it syncronizes with my watch and sends to it, but when i press the white heart on phone, it does not “put” the watchface in my Watchbox. I don’t find him nor in “recently used” nor in alphabetical. I uninstalled facer, downloaded new file frome google store and reinstalled without success.
Phone is Galaxy s7 edge anfroid 7.0, whatch is LG URBANE with 1.5 androidweare.

Cannot change color schemes now on customizable watch faces on S2 Samsung after update.

@PhatHD there should be a little paintbrush icon under the customizable watch faces in your picker when you triple tap on the watch face in Facer - is it not visible?

I just noticed that the mobile app keeps logging me out of it in some occasions.

Always, when I reboot my tablet (Lenovo Yoga 2 10.1 with Android 5.0.1) and sometimes when I have it running on less than 40% of my RAM (not sure when exactly).

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I think that is onether bug. My watchbox when i enable changing watchfaces in shuffle mode, and i set up 15 mintues or 1 our, when i click on banner it becomes green, changes watchfaces only when i enable the function, and stop. Watchfaces does not rotate in shuffle mode. They don’t rotate.

Indeed - we’re working on fixing that for the next update. Thanks for your patience!

I’ve been having this problem for a while. I thought it was fixed in one of the last updates but I started having it again within the past two weeks. Nearly every time I open the app (every few days) I will have to log in all my info over again.