Facer Android 3.1.5 released - Introducing Your Daily Mix

Good morning Android users! We are very excited to be releasing v3.1.5 today!

  • Introducing “Daily Mix” - new day, new faces, just for you, and directly on your watch! Every morning, just triple tap on your watch to access your mix, and spin it until you find the face that matches your style for the day! Fun! NOTE - this feature will ONLY work if you are running Android Wear 2.0.
  • Bug fixes and optimizations

For more info on this feature, see our official announcement at https://medium.com/little-labs/introducing-daily-mix-a-fun-new-way-to-discover-watch-faces-on-facer-be1e30359d8b

We’d love to hear your feedback on the feature - we have a few additional improvements rolling out for it shortly and we’d love to include your input!

Enjoy your daily mix!
The Facer crew

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Will I be able to see how the faces look in both active and ambient/dim mode before syncing? I’ve noticed a lot of designers don’t appear to put much effort into minimalising their ambient settings so that makes them less appealing for me, and I’d rather not have to sync the face just to see what it’s like.

@jmccabe you should already be able to do this by tapping on the dim icon in the watch face detail view. This is the little “sun” icon below the “turbo” button at the left of the watch face:

Im trying to build a support channel for the creators and aspiring creators on this app. Please join at https://discord.gg/yBBgFJ3 to help build a community

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That’s a screenshot from the phone app; I’m talking about on the watch using the daily mix feature. I’ve just tried it and there doesn’t appear to be any way to see the dim view without syncing the face and waiting.

What is the point of releasing a nice feature like this. But the fix for ambient mode is not there. When. Will u fix. Here are some pictures of ambient mode stuck. And not working. As previously mentioned many times.
I got gear s2 and 1st time around when used for some days. The ambient mode of many Jason watch faces were working perfectly. I have no clue what killed it. When you updated 3.04 in March. The ambient mode is no more working. The watch in ambient mode is either stuck with no movements or broken ambient (please fix) mode is loaded. A freeze version of ambient dim mode is loaded and nothing moves. I was loving the breitling from Jason (please fix) where it showed a logo and digital watch. (Please fix) But now it only freezes. Please for god sake repair this. I have reset multiple times without any restoring apps. Please fix soon. All fresh. But it just does not work any more. Kindly fix this some how.

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When I triple tap in just brings up the Facer watch face selections (scrollable left and right)…
How do I access Daily Mix?
I am using an LG Watch Urbane (Gen 1) running Android Wear

Yeah it does this to me too… I had to alter some of my faces because of this annoying issue… I also had to to dumb down a bunch of my dim modes cause the second hand does not move anymore. and I had to to alter my images cause they seem to to freeze in an awful color configuration… so please fix so I can restore my faces to former glory even my hands (hour and minute) seem to look like this too!!!

Well, after a few days, Daily Mix finally showed up for me
However, Facer CONSTANTLY freezes up now. I’ve done everything I can think of to fix it, other than factory reset my watch

Sorry about that! Is Facer freezing on your phone or on your watch? Which watch are you wearing?

Really bad idea! Now i have to touch my watchface twice every day to get rid of this annoying notification! What a deal breaker for this app.

@DaWeav definitely not our intention! Sounds like a bug! Can you tell me which version of Facer you have on your phone and on your watch? Also, are you an Android Wear or Samsung Gear user?

No way this isn’t intentional (not a bug). Every single day, when I first put on my watch, I see the Daily Mix appear at the bottom. That would be fine, if it only appeared the first time I woke up my watch for the day, but it will only clear the notification, after I press it. If this is not the intended functionality, then when should it clear itself?

Honestly, it has led me to stop using Facer, because it was annoying me too much. I still have Facer installed, hoping that one day you would fix this. At least offer an option to turn it off.

I’m using a Gear S3


@Facer_Official - A bug? A bug is something that is undesirable. Something such as your attempt to use our wrists as billboards.

I HATE your “Daily Mix” function. By way of observation, it appears that many do. Despite having made a ticket with your people to GET RID OF IT; I have not been able to - regardless of version.

Get rid of Daily Mix or get rid of users. It is becoming clear that this is your choice. (At the VERY least, disable it by DEFAULT and allow users to EASILY enable|disable it.)

If this garbage feature is still the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning a week from now, I WILL move on to something else AND I will request refund on ALL of the watch faces I have purchased.


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