Facer Android 3.1.7 released!

Hi all!

We’re very excited to be releasing Facer Android 3.1.7 in BETA today!


  • NEW! Theme picker on the watch! Triple tap to change the colors of you watch face!
  • NEW! Explore tab on the phone! Tons of new collections and designers to browse! And more is coming!
  • Improved watch face picker to show the name of the face as they scroll
  • Improved watch face picker for watches with chins
  • Improved connectivity detection for Android Wear watches
  • Fixed a nasty bug that prevented some users to see their purchases
  • Fixed only 100 faces showing up in Favorites
  • Misc fixes and optimizations

Let us know if you are seeing any bugs or have any feedback on this beta version. We are still tweaking a few things for the production rollout and may still be able to incorporate your feedback!


  • The Facer crew

New Explore tab

New Theme picker on the watch


Sorry to say that again, but I’m still waiting for the widescreen mode.

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How do i get beta access?

@hayden It should be attached the bottom of the play store page for Facer.

Thank you for pointing that out, much appreciated, learning something new everyday

Thanks @Mellin! We’ll make sure to add the instructions! next time!


@Mellin We looked into the landscape mode and are working on it - it’s a pretty significant change from a UI standpoint, but it’s definitely not fallen through the cracks. We’re on it!

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where is the new theme picker on the watch Samsung S3 Frontier?

Triple tap! it’s actually been there on S3 for a while.

Actually I was referring to the image in the thread see below, I’m aware of the colour picker on the S3 but confused by the image is this what it looks like on other watches?

When will it be released officially

Facer 3.1.7 is now out officially on Google Play!