Facer Android 4.5.12 available on Google Play

Hi all!

Facer 4.5.12 is is rolling out to the Google Play store right now and should be available worldwide by the end of the day.

The changelog for this release is the following:

  • New! Collection recommendations in Featured screen
  • Fix for frequent “Facer is not responding” messages on Android 8 and Samsung watches
  • Fix onboarding for users using Android 7 zoom option
  • Fix for DWE tag (wake animations) when AOD is off
  • Fix for triangle shape distorted on Android Wear
  • Login errors are now more explicit
  • Misc. bug fixes and optimizations

Thank you!

The Facer crew


Great!! Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

fix bug every time i switch on the dispaly don’t see soon the watchface. see before a different face and after came the real :cry:

Still the same issue after update the latest version. Pls assist to solve it asap. Many thanks.

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