Facer Android 4.5.13 available in Google Play

Hi all!

Facer 4.5.13 is is rolling out to the Google Play store right now and should be available worldwide by the end of the day.

The changelog for this release is the following:

  • New: Recently synced faces now available in Watchbox (Facer Plus only)
  • Improved connectivity for Samsung watch users
  • Fix for watch faces grayed out for some users updating to 4.5.12
  • Misc bug fixes and optimizations

NOTE: A new version of Facer Companion for Samsung watches is also going to be released in the next couple of days (after Samsung certification) and will remove the need for the persistent “Connected to your Samsung watch” notification that some of you have seen since Facer 4.5.12. Thanks so much for your patience! We’ll post in this forum again when this update is available to Samsung watch users.

Thank you!

The Facer crew