Facer Android 4.5.14 available on Google Play

Hi all!

Facer 4.5.14 is is rolling out to the Google Play store right now and should be available worldwide by the end of the day.

The changelog for this release is the following:

  • Continued improvements to Samsung S2/S3/Sport syncing code*
  • Better feedback on Google Play purchase failures
  • Misc bug fixes and optimizations

*NOTE: A new version of Facer Companion for Samsung watches is also available in the Galaxy App Store today to further improve the connectivity, making syncing faces as well as color, temperature formats, etc. more reliable. The version is 4.2.10 and we recommend all Samsung watch users to upgrade today.

Thank you!

The Facer crew

I’ve tried but still the same. Unable to sync to my Samsung Gear S3 Frontier.
My report number are 25125& 25459. Pls check my previous email for your record purpose.

After doing a little troubleshooting, I’ve noticed that with only your app installed on my Gear S3, I’m getting constant prompting to connect to my phone via Bluetooth when I PURPOSEFULLY have it turned off. Any chance you guys can program the app to stop the prompting? I have a lot of the services turned off for the sake of saving battery life.