Facer Android 4.5.6 available in Google Play

Hi all!

Facer 4.5.6 is now available in the Google Play store. This release is focused on bug fixes that were introduced in the recent releases and by the Tizen 3.0 firmware.

The changelog for this release is:

  • Added support for Montblanc Summit
  • Fix for phone battery not updating when AOD is disabled
  • Fix for themes, weather, formatting options not applying to Samsung Gear watches (note - requires Facer 4.2.7 in Galaxy App Store for full fix)
  • Re-added support for glow on Android Wear
  • Optimized memory usage for lower-end phones
  • Misc bug fixes and optimizations

If you are a Samsung Gear S2/S3/Sport user and are seeing issues related to themes not applying, 12/24h settings ignored, weather not syncing, etc, this release WILL help, but the full fix will require an update of Facer on your watch as well which is currently being certified by Samsung. We expect it to be available in the Galaxy App Store very early next week.

Thank you SO MUCH for your patience and looking forward to continuing to make Facer more stable for you all.

The Facer crew