Facer Android 4.5.7 available in the app store

Hi all!

Facer 4.5.7 is is rolling out to the Google Play store right now and should be available worldwide by Saturday morning. This build continues to be focused on stability and bug fixes. Thanks a lot for your patience!

The changelog for this release is:

  • New Help section
  • Fixed bug preventing users from setting their profile pic
  • Made syncing of phone battery to Samsung watches more consistent
  • More memory optimizations
  • Misc bug fixes

Note that we are still waiting for Samsung’s approval on Facer 4.2.7 for Samsung watches, which will fix the weather and various syncing issues. We are doing our best to accelerate the process with them and hoping we’ll have some good news to share shortly!

Thank you!

The Facer crew


I am still having really bad battery life with multiple faces. I am getting about 14 hours when I used to get 40 hours (and still do with other watch face apps). How can I help track this down?

Hi @joseph.solomon89! Thanks for offering your help! We’re actively investigating these reports right now. Could you send us an email at facer-support@little-labs.com?