Facer android app & Nougat (Huawei Mate 9)

Hey there The Facer app has suddenly become an unstable mess - it refuses to run or to let me sign in? Dunno if any others are experiencing the same thing, but thought I’d raise it…


The servers have been having issues the past week or so, just try again later.

Sounds like a DNS attack…

Or just heavy traffic on servers not meant to handle the load.

Hey guys,

Apologies for yesterday’s downtime - Facer has migrated to new better and bigger servers, but the move has caused a few stability incidents in the past few days. We’re working hard to ensure this doesn’t happen again. Thanks a lot for your patience and support!

Thanks for clearing that up for us, always nice to deal with honest companies.

so no one else with the Huawei mate 9 has found the facer app unstable or crash prone?