Facer Android App Question

I am new to Facer and have a question on Android Facer app. When searching for faces or going into one of the categories, I notice it shows much less watch faces than the website does. Is there a setting to change so I can see them all? Otherwise I am going to the Facer web page and viewing it that way :confused:.

Thanks :blush:

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Hello and Welcome to Facer Community,
I’m only guessing, but most likely fewer images are programmed into the phone app software because of space. I use the website most of the time.

Welcome MizMelzy, this is the best App for Watch Faces. I usually only use the Web version for creating my own faces, and the App for transferring faces so haven’t noticed any difference sorry

I I sense for designing too. I just noticed that when searching with the app you don’t get as many in results. Sometimes I want to search watch faces but not at my computer. Doing so on web browser on my phone is a pain with a smaller screen.