Facer app for IOS

I don’t know if Facer staff read these posts but here goes.
The Facer app on IOS is very frustrating and could easily be improved.
Firstly, should you choose to look at say the Top Charts and scroll down to a face that interests you, if you then return to the listing it always takes you right back to the top of the list. It would be much better if it could return you to the list where you left it.
Secondly, having selected a face to look at, I find it almost impossible first time to press the heart shape to make it a favourite because only the bottom tip of the heart shows.
Otherwise mostly happy with the app and enjoying seeing the stunning faces some members create.

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We do read these posts, or at least as much as possible! :wink:
Thanks a ton for your feedback - I’ll escalate this to the product team and we’ll try and address some of these complaints ASAP.

Thank you! Very impressed that you respond so positively.
All the best,