Facer app is not able to connect with my watch

V8 Smart Watch Specification:
CPU : MTK6261D variation MTK6261A, MTK2502, MTK2501

Please help me to connect with Facer


I think that the problem is OS your watch is running on.
Facer currently only supports Android Wear and Tizen based watches and I wasn’t able to find any in formation, that V8 SmartWatch runs on either of them.

Thank you Mellin that you responded fast. Though I am new in using smart watch, but I found Android OS (Android Wear). Only information I have found in this web address


Actually this watch comes with 3 basic watch faces. I tried to push a new one collected from FaceRepo. Unfortunately Facer is not able to push that watch face with an error “Watch is not connected” moreover I successfully connected with my mobile using Bluetooth.