Facer app missing on iphone galaxy watch app?

Got the new watch active today. The facer app is missing? Why? I have this watch 3 weeks ago on release day and it was there…Without the facer app forget it. FACER ADVICE! Usa here

Hi @bubbaskids40! We’re working on troubleshooting this. What phone model are you using with your active watch? And are you in the US?

Usa iphone xs using new samsung galaxy watch active. Latest udpates on both

Thanks @bubbaskids40 - We are looking into this and will update this thread when we have an update.

Thanks hope its soon

Fyi I relinked my samsung gear s2 to my iphone xs and the facer app is on the samsung store there. This is a issue for the samsung watch active only

Hi @bubbaskids40 - This issue should be fixed now, could you try downloading the companion app onto your Galaxy Active again?