Facer app not connecting to watch... Please Help

Hi guys, I’ve been trying for days but I just can’t get the facer app to work on my watch. I have the kospet hope and it runs Android 7.1.1. I know the app works on wear OS but not sure if it will work on Android 7.1.1. Even when I download the app on the watch from playstore it’s the same as the one of my phone… Like it isn’t the companion app as far as I can understand. But please if someone can help me, I’d appreciate it.

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Hi! We unfortunately do not support this device today. We recommend you follow news.facer.io to be updated for major new platform supported. Thanks for your patience!

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Does facer have any intention to support the chinese watches that run native android? I just ordered a Kospet Hope since Wear OS is driving me freakin’ nuts.

And i really love using Facer, i love making my own watch faces, it’s very relaxing.


I second. the “companion” app for watchfaces delivered by Kospet is dreadfull. (WiiWatch2).

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