Facer app not downloading onto the gear s2

I am trying to download the facer app onto my gear s2 and when ever I try to download it from my phone it says that this app can’t be found. Can anyone help me try to figure out this situation. I have a Samsung s9 plus and a gear s2.

Not a expert here by far. But hubby has same set up as you and he first downloaded the Samsung gear app on the phone and then from there he accessed the samsung apps and located the facer Companion app (which is for the watch) and downloaded it that way through the samsung gear app on phone

hope this helps

I still can not find that app. I have searched for it on multiple apps and nothing comes up

hmm Try this. Open samsung gear app on phone…make sure you under Settings at the top on the samsung gear app…and not the INFO tab.
Scroll down to Samsung galaxy apps (3rd one from bottom) and open it. At top search for Facer…Facer companion will pop up on the list first, and i think yours is the second one that says Facer Companion for Gear S2…tap that one and hit the Play arrow on the right of it and install it …

Thats the only advice i can help you with. I know if you search here ther is another thread from someone having the same problem

<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/d/d9fc97cf35c2822e3e9a064f81df4398af38de67.jpg" width=“243” height=“500”
This is the error that it gives me when ever I try to download the app from my phone