Facer App not remembering my login

Not really a big deal, but is this intentional? I was hoping there’d be a “remember me” toggle for logging into the app, but it seems I have to login every time I launch the app, without fail.


It’s not intentional and is a bug we are tracking. Can you try and uninstall and reinstall the app to see if it fixes it?

Yep, reinstall seems to have worked. Thanks!

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Great! Do you remember by any chance when it started happening?

I’d say since 2-3 days ago is the earliest I’ve noticed it.

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Thanks! Do you know by any chance if it coincided with an update of Facer?

Same thing happened when I updated to Beta. Still currently happening on build: 4.5.3_4811_beta-(4811)

@eradicator09 can you also confirm that uninstalling and re-installing fixes it?

I would say it did. It didn’t use to be an issue, so it was most likely with the most recent update.