Facer App Not Responding for Syncing

Just reporting…
I’ve had “Facer isn’t responding” messages on the phone app for two days now. I can pull up my previously saved favorites and my designs, but I cannot sync to my watch or favorite anything.
Should I reinstall the app, or is this a recent problem for Moto products?
Moto 360 Gen2/Facer 4.5.6_6150/Moto E

Hi Linlay!

Can you share a screenshot of the error? Are you saying you’re not able to browse Facer at all?

On my phone I can open the Facer app and browse. I can go to my designs and other designs. No problem navigating.

However if I find a design that I want to add to Favorites, the heart button remains white. On all designs the blue sync button does nothing. Android error is: “Facer isn’t responding. Do you want to close it?” Options are “Report - Wait - OK”.
I can remove from Favorites, but I cannot add to them.

I can send a screenshot, but I’ll have to do it later.

The only way I can sync a face to my watch is to use the computer.

@Linlay are you on Android 8?

Android version 5.1 and Moto E is Gen 2.
I can post a screenshot now if you still need one, but it’s just a generic Android error message that appears after a few seconds when I try to sync a face.

Oh wow, Android 5.1 is a bit old. Let me see if we can find a device on that and test it!

Yes, it is. The phone will be 3 years old in July. Motorola stopped updating Android on it 6 months after I bought the phone from AT&T. Moto stopped selling watches in the US over a year ago.There are still people out there who are using them, however. Thanks for your help.

Hi @Linlay

Our team tried to reproduce the issue with the exact same setup and couldn’t. Could you try re-installing the app and see if it fixes it?

Thanks for trying. I cleaned and reinstalled 2 times. That fixed part of the problem. I can now sync and change faces, but the one I just synced to is not showing in my Profile’s “Currently Wearing”. In addition to that, I still cannot Favorite anything. How do I get the phone app to link to My Designs? I can search for them and scroll through them, but I’m just not linked.

What is the procedure for linking the phone app to my profile? I had no problem in 2016. Now after the reinstall the phone app is telling me I have not created any faces yet.

@Linlay are you logged into the phone app with the same account you are on the web?

Third time is the charm! Finally got everything linked. Fingers crossed that it stays that way for a while. Thank you for the help!