Facer app not sync with Samsung Gear app

Hi all, I have a Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch and am using Huawei P10 phone. I have logged in Facer app and have Samsung Gear app connected to my smartwatch. The problem is the watch faces in my Facer app do not appear or not synced with my watch. One of the solutions suggested by Facer is to ensure I log in with the same account. If this means I have to use the same email address for the 2 accounts, I already did that. How else? How to get the 2 phone apps (Facer & Samsung Gear) to talk to each other? I can see my purchased faces on my Facer phone app but couldnt get them on my watch. Any help would be much appreciated.

do you have the companion app installed on your S3?

Yes I did install Facer Companion app. I could choose Facer from my S3 watch but I couldn’t get the faces I had on my phone app.