Facer App number

Hi @Facer_Official @Facer-Staff,
I’m curious to know what the number is that appears next to my profile name in the Facer app as can been seen here

Also there is a rendering issue when in portrait mode on my phone (Pixel 3)

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This is the number of new watchface since the last reset. Reset by holding your finger on the number (long tap).

Ahhhh, thank you @petr.patocka
That’s been bugging me for a while!!

I never noticed that. Good thing you mentioned it! :blush:

Edit: I just checked. I never noticed it because I don’t have it. Maybe it’s only for the Pro version.

@Linlay I don’t have the Pro version either

@Linlay you should definitely have it, unless you don’t have any new watch face in your feed right now.

@dubblebee pro-tip, if you long press on that number it resets it. I see that you have 71 right now - that’s quite a bit!

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Thanks, I’ve reset it and now I know what it’s for I can keep an eye on it!

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Great - definitely let us know if you have feedback on that feature and the feed overall. We think it’s a great way to stay on top of the newest releases from your favorite designers, but I’m sure we could do even better!

Welllllll, there is a rendering/positioning issue on my phone in Portrait mode as you’ll see from the 2nd image in the original post above, so I can’t actually see what the number is until I rotate my phone then refresh the page.

[quote=“Facer_Official, post:6, topic:37046”]
unless you don’t have any new watch face in your feed right now.
[/quote] That is probably why.