Facer app question

What do the symbols in the top left corner of the watch faces mean? Most are a blue pinwheel type symbol some are green with a checkmark some are a colorwheel.

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Welcome @dflyspirit . Which Watch are you talking about . Could you post a Shot here of the Icons . Sound like Manufacturers Notifications to me .

Welcome to the community! If you are talking about the colored circles on the phone app, the red is for likes, the green is for replying, the blue is for syncing, and the colored pinwheel allows you to choose a theme color on watches designed that way assuming you paid for premium. The slider menu allows you to change modes.


These symbols?

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Yes! Yes

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I know one thing you have to Subscribe to enjoy the Benifit of the ones that are flagged like that. I know one means you get colour options and the diamond is Premium only. I will have a good look on my laptop and note @kourosh s graphic above if someone else does not get there first.

White Tick mark is Official Brand.

Green circle with tick and dot in means the face accesses Customise able Complications. ( Embeded apps on your watch.)

Blue with the Cross is interactive with access to apps on Watch. Health and contacts etc.

Colour wheel is Theam able. ( colour changing )

I think the diamond means it can be bought without Premium.

The star on red is 12/24 hrs Metric/Imperial user selectable.

Perhaps @Facer-Staff @Facer_Official will accept the Invocation and join in with the Official Line.

It would also be nice if @Facer_Official would put a legend in the app with description of what each symbol represents. Since they want to use them let us know Quid Inferorum they are talking about!

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Quod dixit assentior.

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