Facer bugging out on Gear S2

I’m using Facer on Samsung Gear S2 paired to a Galaxy S7 and have the most current versions of the apps on both devices. About 50% of the time the app works decently (with some issues which I will mention) but a solid 50% of the time it shows me the Facer logo and says “optimizing watchface” or “placing gears” as if it’s syncing but it will get stuck there and never go back to the watchface. Occassionally (and increasingly) it will just be black and not show anything other than my orange notification dot.

Other (less important but still annoying) issues I am having:
Steps are not often correct - it will often show me zero, or what I’m guessing is my total steps (because the number is huge).
Sometimes phone battery doesn’t show up.
Today, for the first time, it actually had the wrong time displayed.

Most recently I have been using plaidv - GREEN FERN - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer but these issues happen regardless of which watchface I have applied.

Hi @kristen.juchem! Can you look at what version of the Facer app you have on your Gear S2 watch? A lot of these issues have been fixed in the past month or so. You might want to reinstall Facer to make sure you have the very latest.

@Facer_Official Thank you for your response! I just started using Facer on Friday. It looks like I’m running 3.1.5 for the companion app. I have uninstalled and reinstalled per your recommendation. Hopefully that helps because I love using Facer when it works! I can’t find any other app that I like better for my watch faces.

@Facer_Official ok nope. It got stuck again immediately. It’s been on this screen for 5 solid minutes now. :sweat:

Oh no! Which version of the Gear S2 do you have? Is it the 3G version - it has a bit less memory than others and can cause this issue.

@Facer_Official It is the 3G version. My husband bought it for me and didn’t realize that he got a 3G model. It is SM-R735T. I do not have it connected to 3G because the watch is for T-Mobile but I don’t use that carrier. I’ve just had it connecting to my phone through bluetooth.

Got it - it is known to be a bit of an issue with some faces, but we’ll try and reproduce your bug and see if we can release a fix soon. Any other watch faces you’re having issues with consistently besides plaidv - GREEN FERN - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer?

Thank you! That’s really the only one I’ve used long enough to notice the problems with.

Sorry to bump a decently old thread but this one fits almost exactly with the issue I’m having. A few facts to get things going :

Watch : Gear S2 - Bluetooth /wi-fi only. No LTE.
Phone : Galaxy S7
Watch software version : R735TUVU2CPK7
Watch Facer version :
Phone Facer version : 3.1.13_3021

Watch face I put together : divertwig - DL SB Castle - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer

Problems : When I initially built the face it worked for the most part. Everything updated as it should. However, this morning there was a software update and after that the issues that were noted at the start of this thread were present. Lots of reloading of the face, steps show 0, phone battery saying 0, etc… I removed and re-installed facer to my watch and now almost everything is working again. Except the step counter. The watch is correctly measuring steps, however the counter on the face is not. Is there anything I can do on my side to get this to work, or is it just waiting for an update?

Another note, I’ve seen elsewhere that the #DISDAYTIME# tag doesn’t work properly, and I can vouch for that. I was just wondering if there’s any update on when that might be resolved? If it’s gonna be a while, is there a work around to specify a condition based on the time of sunrise/sunset? I’ve found steps to have conditions met during the specific hour of sunrise/sunset, but I’m kinda picky and want it to match the hour and minute.

Edit to add
So things got a little weird. The step counter started working, so that’s cool. But then my watch kept trying to reload the face, which isn’t quite so cool. I power cycled my watch and it was doing it still, but finally stabilized, and now the steps work, but the phone battery doesn’t work. Hopefully it’ll start magically working in the near future as well.