Facer Clock Disappearing

I’m using the Arancione watch face. I’m having issues with my watch swithcing to watch only mode with this watch face. I have not had this issue with other faces. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Galaxay Watch 4 Classic-current firmware


Hi, can you share the link to that watchface, I wanna try it to see if it happens to me as well



While not that exact watch
Mine is a Citizen

I do not have the problem but a couple of questions that may help someone else.

  1. Does it happen after a certain time period or is it automatic?
  2. Does it happen while the face is active or after the screen blanks and you tap to activate again?
  3. Are you playing with apps before this happens?

Just food for thought that may help a creator.

I have a galaxy watch 4 and just tested for you also - it seems to be working as advertised for me at the moment! Perhaps try resyncing, or restarting your watch.

Having said that - I have noticed that a certain font I used originally in my Bloom floral face wouldn’t immediately show up in the app or web preview of the face. On the watch it was OK but not on the preview… at least not until a few minutes later. Like it was loading very slow or something? Perhaps the font they’ve used has a lot of glyphs involved and the watch is trying to load them all in the background despite only really needing the numbers.

Glyphs are the characters themselves, and some will have ‘alternate’ glyphs that have fancier renderings of the same or new letters/numbers.

All that to say… maybe it will just take a little time to load, haha.

I only had the face installed since yesterday morning. I was not playing with the watch, I received a notification lifted my wrist up and say just the watch only mode. I went through and re-synced the watch face from my phone to the watch. And it was fine for awhile. Restarting the phone doesnt fix anything. I left my watch on the charger last night. It was fine whyen I put it on, about an hour later watch only mode again.

wow I completely misread your post. So sorry! Mine will go into watch only mode for a few seconds after I get a notification and I haven’t read it yet, but not for an extended period. That is odd.

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Thank you

Hopefully the extra details will jar a creators thoughts.

Kuddos :wink:

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Hi @bgrd0010 again :smiley: I did not noticed weird things, What I would do is restarting the watch, test, if not, try to re-isntall facer on the watch. If not, send a support ticket on help.facer.io

Thanks. I scould not replicate is again after yesterday morning. I did have unusally high battery drain though. I will try reinstalling Facer again if I run into this again. Thanks for your help.

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