Facer community, what's your favorite watch face?

Hi everyone! I thought it’d be cool to see the watch faces that’ve impressed you or inspired you! Doesn’t matter whether they’re made by a brand on Facer, the Facer community, or aren’t affiliated with Facer at all. I’m curious as to what your tastes are and the sorts of faces that have really wowed you.


All my faces amaze me.

but seriously though, there are some great designers out there:



Here’s a few of my favorites…

  • Clean design, animated, day to night transformation, step count placement is genius

  • Amazing use of techniques to animate, smooth, goes beyond the basic cockpit design others have

  • Nice take on the Mickey hand design. Fits the scene portrayed without feeling forced

  • Simple design, eye catching, animated

  • I love the Forever Gaming series, inspired me to make that 404 T-Rex watchface

  • Love the feel of it, clean, organized, very portal feeling, good use of layout

  • Another unique design that captures the feel of the original well

There’s a ton more, but these are some of the designs I first grabbed when I got my watch a month ago… I’m still discovering new favorites every day!


Not easy to answer that question. There are such a lot of talented designer and amazig coders in this community.

I don´t have favourites, not even at my own watch faces :slight_smile: I like unique ones, crazy ones, watch art. Faces that impress me.

But one thing is sure: @eradicator09 is best!

(Could you please tell me again: How much dollar do i get for writing this?)


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you get all my dollas


I agree that there are so many talented designers here that it is hard to choose. I like all of the originals created by the regulars here. As for the others, some are very good. However, I don’t care for the designs with nasty language/images, clones of brand name designs, or those that are copied clock face images already posted online.