Facer companion app not available

I have the facer app from Play Store. But I cannot download the companion app from Galaxy apps.
I get the message below:
This app no longer available for purchase or is not supported in this country or this device. (3010:4002:254340a4c021)

I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 and own a Galaxy Gear S3 Frontier.
I live in Curacao, Netherlands Antillies.
Please help as there are many watch faces I would like to download and buy.
(Not even with any VPN app to any country I am not able to download the app)
Can anyone help me or provide me a workaround please??


Same issue here. i tried with 2 note 8’s. Please add facer app the galaxy store. galxy.us/facer brings me to the app which was last updated june 29th 2018 but still when i click to install/ download it doesn’t do it. gives different errors. Sometimes it says not available for my country or device. sometimes says not available for purchase.

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I have the same issue. I can download the Facer App from Play Store via my Galaxy S8+ but I am unable to download Facer Companion from Galaxy Apps for my Gear S3 Frontier.

Please inform us when this error will be fixed.

P.S: I believe that Samsung is trying to get rid of all the “Facer-like” Apps so that the Galaxy Apps Store will be the only place that you can buy or download watch faces.

I also have been trying for days to figure this out!! It is so frustrating. I have a samsung galaxy s8 plus and the gear s2. How do we get a hold of someone with facer to get to the bottom of this. How do we get customer service!

Hi @Facer_Official any update on this one???


We’re hoping that this will be resolved this week - working with Samsung on this and waiting for them to certify our app update that will fix this. Thanks for your patience!

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I am from Panamá and i cant download the companion app either. I have a galaxy S9+ and a new galaxy watch but i cant download the companion app because i cant found it in the galaxy apps store.

Any help?

Hi @avilaricardo24,

Let us contact Samsung to see if this might be an issue on their side.


Hi @avilaricardo24 - we received confirmation from Samsung that this is caused by a limitation of the Galaxy App Store in some isolated countries, including Panama. We are working to resolve this with them and hoping to have a fix by early next week.

Please it would be great if you can help us!
Because there is a lot of great watchfaces that i want to buy for my galaxy watch!

I would wait for next week!


Thank you

Hi Facer Support. I am From Iran and after a week you said before i check to galaxy store but i got the message below:
This app no longer available for purchase or is not supported in this country or this device. (3010:4002:254340a4c021)

but you said last week we can use this companion app from next week in our gear watch.

please help us.

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Any news as of today? @Facer_Official

Hi all,

The new version of Facer that will be available worldwide is still being certified by Samsung but we’re hopeful it will be approved by tomorrow. We’ll update this thread as soon as we have some good news!


Thanks a lot! Can’t wait!

Hi @Facer_OfficialI hope you have good news… Was it certified by Samsung? I really want to start using your application…

same issue i am getting also. i hope this will be solved very soon as i transfer from moto360 to gear s3 yesterday and i cannot use the facer app from galaxy market.

Hi all - so sorry, this is taking so long. We’re still waiting for Samsung to certify the new version - it’s unfortunately out of our hands, but we’re hoping it will go through very shortly.

thank u for reply. we also hope it will go very soon

Hi all!

The new version of Facer was finally approved! If you were seeing the error saying that the app was not available, could you try this new link?

Let us know if that works! and if it doesn’t, please let us know what country you’re in, and the model of watch you are using.


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