Facer Companion for iOS Issue

Hi. I had to reset my Samsung S3 Frontier a few days ago, and in an attempt to reinstall Facer via my iPhone 8, I notice there is no function now on my iPhone app to sync my watch to my phone. When the little icon does show up, it goes away before I can click it. I checked to make sure I have the most current version. Is there another method of pushing my test faces to my watch? As a face developer, this is a critical issue, and one that should not exist. iPhone is not an obscure piece of equipment, so why does you app not work as advertised?

The app seems to work fine on my watch, as I can get the QR code to pop up, but I have no function to get my phone to bring up the camera to sync from within the Facer Companion app.

EDIT:/ I had to uninstall and reinstall Facer on my iPhone in order for the app to open my camera and connect to my watch. This is tedious and unnecessary. Facer, this is unacceptable.

Looks like you are having a similiar issue like a few other Apple/Galaxy users. Take a look at this thread.

Hi @ircrotale - thanks for your report regarding the QR code setup option disappearing from the iPhone app. This is fixed in an internal build and will be available to all users later this week. Thanks for your patience!

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Facer, thank you for the quick reply. I look forward to the next release.

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Hi @ircrotale - this new version 5.0.1 is releasing today on the Apple App Store and fixes the issue where the settings icon in the top bar disappears.

Note however that there is a separate issue with Tizen which makes syncing faces very difficult today. We’re actively working with Samsung to resolve it.

Awesome stuff. Thank you.