Facer companion issue

Hi I downloaded Facer app for my Galaxy note 10 plus and I’m using Galaxy watch 46mm also but when I want to download Facer companion from the link I’m directed to it says that its not available in your country.I contacted with Samsung help center but they responded me its from the Facer side.for your info I’m from Iran and tried so many times using VPN’S.

Hey @garsha.astaneh, nice to hear from you and welcome to Facer!

Hopefully someone who knows about these things will jump in and provide an answer.

You could also try the official help process -

email: Facer-support@little-labs.com

or raise a support ticket:

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salam , khosh oomadi, fek konam avalin bare ke ye irani inja mibinam :blush:
Facer ro koja nemitoni nasb koni? rooye gooshi ya mobilet?

Rooye gooshi nasb kardam vali vaghti mikam watch face enteghal bedam be saat azammikhad ke facer companion nasb konam ye link mizane v bdesh error mideh ke dar keshvar shoma mojood nist

Thanks but I sent two emails to the address above and yet no answer.

Oon linke ro baram befrestin lotfan chek konam bebinam moshkel az chie

I found this - I don’t know if it is still current…

“Unfortunately, the limitation for Iran is enforced by the Samsung Galaxy App Store (due to US restrictions). We have no control over this :frowning:

I found this by typing “Iran” in the search bar. You might find more if you do the same and keep looking.


Aslan man hamchin chizi bar nakhordam mogheye nasb. Kafie ham application mobilesh ro nasb konid va ham application watch ro , in 2ta ba ham match mishan