Facer companion v3.1.0 for Gear S2/S3 released!

Hi owners of the Samsung Gear S2 & S3!

We’ve just released an updated version of our companion app into the Galaxy App Store!

What’s new in v3.1.0:

  • Recently synced watch face picker! Triple tap on your watch face to immediately access your most recently synced watch faces. No need to use your phone anymore!
  • Memory optimization to decrease the frequency of these pesky faces stuck in “Optimizing”
  • Fixes for step counter
  • Misc. bug fixes and optimizations

IMPORTANT NOTE: To get the latest for your Gear S2/S3, make sure you go to the Galaxy App Store app and update Facer there so it’s updated on your watch. This is different than the mobile part of Facer which is updated via Google Play. We are working with Samsung to streamline this update process ASAP. Thanks!

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Hi! Facer is not available in Galaxy Apps here in Brazil =( Whyyyyyyy? Considering to replace my Gear S3 if I can’t use Facer and the dozens of faces I bought.

Hi @thiwaligora! Are you on Android or iOS?

Hey! Android :wink: Searched all over and could not find anything. I do have Facer installed through Google Play and previously running on LG Urbane. Could it be related? Thank!

Same thing happened to me. I purchased a bundle pack and now I don’t find it.

Hi! That’s odd! I think @AlemaoBRA is also in Brazil, maybe he can check on his side?

Otherwise, can you try opening this link on your phone with the Gear App installed? http://apps.samsung.com/jupiter/gear/appDetail.as?appId=AXJhdjIJJA. It’s a direct link to the app.

@jazhawk oh no! Please make sure to contact facer-support@little-labs.com asap so they can help you resolve this.

Não entendi muito bem, você não está encontrando o app na loja? nem na Google Play nem na Samsung? aqui está normal, se for apenas isso, procure penas FACER e sobre ter instalado antes no LG, acho que não tem relação.

Qualquer coisa, pode mandar mensagem.

Depois, se quiser pode me seguir lá no app Analog Designer

Escrevi em português, imagiando que seja brasileiro…rsrs :wink:

Hello, I’m in Guatemala… Samsung companion app isn’t appearing too, and direct link redirects too Samsung’s website

This doesn’t work. Still says unavailable.
UK, Samsung Note 8 with Gear S2 carrier O2

Estou tentando baixar s2 e s3 no Brasil e fala q não é disponivel em meu país. Como vocês lançam um add desse e colocam restrição de pais, isso é um absurdo.
Espero q vocês tomem uma providência sobre esse absurdo e notifique os usuários sobre.
Um grande vacilo de vocês!!

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I use that link to access Facer app from my S7 Edge and i have this problem

I want to install Facer app in my Gear S3 Frontier