Facer completely stopped working on my Gear S3

@Facer_Official I can no longer sync any watch faces, or change to a Facer face after restarting my Gear S3.

I’ve uninstalled, and reinstalled the plug in companion twice now. After reinstalling, I can sync any/all faces, and also change them on the watch.

However if I restart my watch with having a Facer face active before the restart, Facer hangs at about 40% at “Optimizing…” and will hang there indefinitely. If I try to sync a face, it will hang at about 90% at ‘Synchronizing.’ Likewise, after reinstalling the plugin and syncing a face, if I switch back to a Samsung face, then back to a Facer face, the same behavior happens without a reboot.

This same thing also happens if I restart the watch with a Samsung face active, THEN try to switch to Facer after the restart. No watch faces will load on the watch, or sync.

If I uninstall the Companion plugin and start over, everything works again after the reinstall–UNTIL I restart the watch or switch to a Samung face.

This never happened before, and noticed today when I turned on my watch. I can’t use any Faces I bought (or free ones for that matter).

Both phone app and plugin are the most recent versions (since I just did fresh reinstalls). It’s like the Companion Plugin won’t reinitialize or restart once it’s stopped after the initial install.

Any help is appreciated.

Is this an issue with plug in v. 4.2.12? This problem never happened prior to that update.

Hi @eruption77 - We will definitely look into this. Could you paste an example here of a face where this happens (the freeze issue on app launch)?

@Facer_Official Thank you. I really can’t get a screenshot of it, but I’m certain you’ve seen it:

This is the screen you see any time you would change a watch face. “Optimizing watchface” with the progress bar filling, then “Placing Gears.” Well, “Optimizing watch face” just never completes. The progress bar will get to about the 5:00 mark, and never progress any further. I never make far enough for it to say “Placing Gears.” It’s the same thing you see whenever you power on your watch with a Facer face, or change Facer faces–except now it never gets past “Optimizing…” when loading a face.

Again this happens if I change to a Samsung face, then back to Facer, or if I restart the watch–pretty much anytime the Companion plugin has to restart. If I reinstalled it right now it would work fine until I either restart the watch, or change to a Samsung face and back to Facer.

No other problems with the watch at all.

If it’s helpful, here are the Gear versions:
Gear S Plugin

@Facer_Official I actually just did a full factory reset on my watch. Same problems remain with Facer though after a reinstall.


Some additional info: I’ve uploaded a pic of what’s happening. This problem also does not occur on all watch faces. I did some testing with a handful of faces. Some reload fine after switching to a Samsung face, then back to Facer.

Here are 2 faces that will not reload after switching back to Facer from a Samsung face:

Facer never progresses any further than this screen when re-initializing the plugin:

Again, this all started after the last update to the Companion Plugin and was never an issue prior. I’ve used those above 2 faces that will not reload for quite some time without ever having a problem until the recent companion update.

@eruption77 - Thanks for this info, we’ve identified & fixed the problem. The fix will be released as soon as possible!

Thank you so very much!

@eruption77 You’re very welcome! It looks like this issue affects only faces with complications (including the 2 you posted). In the meantime, as a temporary workaround, we’ve found that if you get into this stuck position, you can get out of it by syncing a face without complications. Then after that, you’ll be able to sync the face that had gotten stuck.

Thank you! I might give that a shot, but I’ll likely just wait for the next Companion update if it’s released in the next few days or so.

@Facer_Official I see v. 4.6.0 for the Companion plugin is now in the Samsung store. I installed it, but the same problem remains as noted above.

Just curious if this update was to correct that or not?

@Facer_Official was the 4.6.0 Companion update intended to correct the problems noted in this thread? Or, will another update be released to correct this?

@eruption77 Sorry for the wait! The current 4.6.0 build was submitted for review before we fixed this issue, and so unfortunately doesn’t have the fix. However, the build with the fix (4.6.1) is submitted and should be out early next week. In the meantime, if you sync a different face without complications, it should resolve the stuck loader (after which you can sync anything).

@Facer_Official Thank you for the reply, and no problem! I just wanted to be sure this release wasn’t supposed to correct the problem since it has not.

Thanks again.