Facer connected to Samsung. I dont own a Samsung phone OR Watch

Hello everyone. Im new here and Im having trouble on my Pixel 2 XL. I have it connected to the Facer app which is updated to the newest version. I have paid for the premium version also. What my problem is, its that for some reason it says in the status bar that my Facer app is now connected to my Samsung smartwatch. But the thing is I dont own a Samsung watch. So is there a way to stop it from constantly “connecting” to A Samsung watch? Ive uploaded a screenshot for visualizing.

Hi @ae86drftr! Thanks for your bug report. This issue is fixed in Facer 4.5.13 which will be available in Google Play later today. Thanks for your patience!

Thats AWESOME!!! THANKS GUYS!!! :grinning:

I have a Samsung phone and Samsung watch. I’m still seeing this darn notification and I have Facer 4.5.13 :frowning:

When will this be fixed???

Hi Pete,

As we noted in the Facer Android 4.5.13, the full fix requires an update to Facer on the watch as well. That version is currently being approved by Samsung and should be available in the next few days. We’ve asked Samsung to accelerate the process.

Thanks for your patience!