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I notice that some watch faces for either download free or purchase use pictures on watch faces and was just checking out what the issues are regarding adding pictures to watch faces lets say for example old advertising posters or paintings…are they restricted under facer copyright? Would like to know before I start creating…would be grateful for any advice.

As far as I know Facer does some filtering on brand names in watches and descriptions, and they respond to take down requests.
It is always good to get written permission of the creator of the images you use, and give credit where it is due.

…many thanks for your response but guess you need to know who the creator was or if they are still alive?..with reference to giving credit for any known artist, would that be covered in crediting that person in the watches description before publishing on Facer?

I’d say giving credit is a courtesy and the description would do (although some asset websites have rules like free for use if credited).
As for the specific situation you are referring too, I have no clue, I make my own artwork for watch faces I publish.

General rule is if you didnt make it, dont use it. there are some great commercially free sites like unsplash.com you can use freely. Welcome and have fun!

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I recently did some research on this because I was seeing so many snagged copy/paste images on watch faces. The bottom line is, as Rator mentioned, just don’t do it. Some image sites (Adobe, for example) offer several types of licenses. However, even if we purchase a license from a so-called “free” image site there are guidelines for those as well. We can use elements of free or purchased images, but we may not use the files as main images. According to those sites, attribution is still required for free images on watch faces, unless specified otherwise. At some of the image sites, I had to click through pages to find the “fine print”.
There are some examples of main and secondary elements here:

Yes, photo sites are more up front about how you can use their files, but be sure to read the small print.

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