Facer: Creative ownership

Hi, I have a question regarding Facer’s T&C’s regarding ownership of published works…

Apparently, everything published on Facer belongs to Facer (and it’s owners/partners). All rights surrendered in perpetuity and in all known /(and yet unknown) media! More still on use of creative work, so that noted.

There is some preamble about ‘content’ vs. ‘creator content’, but then made void in subsequent clauses and reference to use of works.

Just so I’m clear on this - can anyone add clarity before I ask the ‘gods’…?

In short: Are designs published on Facer, owned then, by Facer?

Cheers, and thanks for reading.


Hey @richard2, my reading of the terms is that we own all of our original content, Facer owns everything that they provide for us to make faces. By publishing faces on Facer there is no transfer of any ownership. We do however grant Facer a licence to use our content and it is this I think that you are reading.


Thanks Mike,

It is what is. I’m aware they hold the cards until I create a competitor platform with creator terms I feel are more reasonable… where’s that .php manual…? Until then.

Cheers R
Ps. Besides, the terms to their full extent aren’t robust.