Facer Creator 4.2.18 is now live (heart rate tag & profile cover images!)

Hi all!

We’ve released update 4.2.18 for Facer.io and the Facer Creator. This release includes the public release of 2 new features we’re very excited about: The new #ZHR# heart rate tag & profile cover images! Here is the changelog:

New Stuff:

Fixes & Tweaks:

  • Fixed a bug causing image elements to now always displays the content on all canvases

As usual, let us know what you think and what you’d like to see moving forward!


Any update on the text glow and rotating the triangle shape issues?


Just before this update was released, I was wanting to use heart rate in a watch face and was disappointed that it wasn’t possible. It’s like you read my mind! Thanks for the high-quality software, guys, I’m loving it so far. Currently implementing the heart rate into my design!


Is there an image size that works best for both PC and APP?
Thank you for adding this, its very important for branding.

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Its straight out the triangle shape itself. It just bugged. Even when I placed it and left it totally at its default position, rotation, and size it was smashed and offset from where it should be. but this needs to be addressed, there are designs I’d rather use a arrow like indicator vs H and L for High/Low.

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It’s on the schedule for this week for us to look into. Doing our best!

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Great!!! A suggestion, in the creator could be put the option to group by layers.

Thank you very much!!!


como se instala en el facer creator la frecuencia cardiaca , porque no lo veo gracias

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Grouping of layers would be fine … :slight_smile:

Awesome. Great to hear.

Hola, el tag para la frecuencia cardíaca es #ZHR# Cualquier cosa que no lo puedas usar decime.


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Big love for you guys! Thanks so much for these updates!!
(Even more :heart: :heart: :heart: s for whoever fixes glow!!!)


@eradicator09 FYI, triangle rotation bug - we have a fix and I can confirm it will be in the next release.
@pacingpoet we’re still working on the glow fix and will try and get it sorted out in the next couple days! Thanks for your patience!


Woot! I will then be able to modify Trusty Steed to use the arrows then!

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Lot´s of good news! Can´t await the next update.

I experimented with the new Heartrate-Tag yesterday. Pretty fine thing and usable in nearly every possible way!

Thats my first result:


Phantasico aka GAUSS


Did the glow effect issue get sorted? I’ve still had a few issues.